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Nicosia is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and also the administrative, commercial, educational, religious and cultural centre of the island. Geographically, Nicosia is situated in the centre of the island and is linked to all main towns and cities by a modern highway system.

As a low tax destination, Cyprus offers an attractive package to anyone who wishes to live on the island. You can enjoy the benefits of island life in the Mediterranean and take advantage of the many incentives offered for business or leisure.

Nicosia offers the sophistication of living in a cosmopolitan city and also offers old year charm with its abundance of historical sites.

The cosmopolitan city of Nicosia has a lot to offer shoppers and diners with its modern shopping malls and superior dining establishments. You will find quaint local tavernas that serve traditional Cypriot meals to large international chains and fine dining restaurants.

 Nicosia also offers many cultural events throughout the year and interesting museums and sites to visit. There are beautiful parks situated in the city and many recreational areas to visit.

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